How to Clean a BBQ Grill Within a Minutes Updated 2024

Cooking with a BBQ grill is nasty. The leftover grease and food spill will cause a flare-up or sometimes a big fire. The matter of most concern is grimy grill could ruin your food by destroying the flavor. It also blocks the sear mark that is a trademark for BBQ grill. If you can’t get the sear mark on your grill, there is no matter to use it. You should clean the grill regularly. The BBQ grill is a simple kitchen with a lot of risks. Yes! Despite its simplicity, it is dangerous to operate with a little knowledge of it.

What is a BBQ grill?

BBQ Grill

From the time of our ancestors, we love to have brunt meat. They, I mean our ancestors used two poles with a meat hanging from a horizontal bar to get their meat brunt. Although they did it for a living, still it is the oldest and simplest idea of BBQ. But now we are civilized. We can’t follow the old school method to throw a BBQ party. The BBQ grill is a simple kitchen appliance that is made of durable metal. It is a rectangular box with a metal net on it. The box holds the fire or the cole and net will hold the meat right above the fire. The extreme heat from the fire underneath makes a delicious BBQ. In this article, we discuss the cleaning process of the BBQ grill.

How to Clean a BBQ Grill?

A BBQ grill is a kitchen piece that used mostly outdoor. There is some factor that should consider while you’re thinking about cleaning your BBQ grill. Let’s know the steps of cleaning a BBQ grill.

Step:- 01

Pull it apart:- to clean your BBQ grill, just pull apart your grill. I mean just dismantle it to the last piece. This is how you can reach into the main grill. It is set right below the grate. It the most crucial spot where food particle tends to land from the upper grate. Open the hood, remove the grill grate. If your BBQ grill has a heat diffuser, take it out too.

Step:- 02

Clean the grill box:- a lot of food particle will deposit inside the grill’s interior also known as “grill box.” Use a putty knife or any flat tool to scrape the bottom and sides of the grill box as much as you can. Take any flat tool with a good grip. And don’t forget to wear a pair of work gloves as it is a dirty job to do.

Step:- 03

Clean the burner tubes:- if you have a gas grill, the burner tube is clogged by the food particle dripping from the upper grate. It disturbing to have a clogged gas grill. It will block the normal temperature and delay the process. An underpowered grill can ruin your wonderful evening. Use a steel or nylon wire brush to clean the little holes on the burner tubes. Make sure to brush from the center of the tube outward. Be careful of not pushing the debris into the tube instead of cleaning them.

Step:- 04

Clean the grate:- it is the most important part of cleaning a BBQ grill. The grate can get nasty with food article from the previous grill. Use a medium-hard brush to clean the grate. Clean every angle to get a clean grate.

Step:- 05

Prevent future build-up:- you can prevent the future build-up by taking some easy steps. Use edible oil on your grate just before you start to use it. If you are using a grill brush without bristle, you should use the oil before and after grilling. You can also use a raw onion on the hot grill grate to add some extra moisture. It will help to break down the organic components. It also adds a nice smell to your grill.

Final Verdict:-

cleaning your BBQ grill after few months is the best methods to enjoy hustle free grilling. You keep your BBQ grill young with a complete cleaning process.

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