How To Make Your Luggage Stand Out

I am fond of traveling. I find it thrilling and refreshing. But I hate the dullness of the airport and its long security lines. Long security crowd makes me tensed for my black luggage.

It seems like, everyone travels with black luggage, including me. I’m no different. I bought my sweet little suitcase from the local market.  Make your luggage stand out to save your time and not to stand nervously beside the conveyer belt.

When someone is just starting a vacation or coming back home, all he wants is to grab the bag and go. Are you different? If not here are some tips for you to make your luggage stand out.

Choose Bold and Colorful Luggage

Buying a light-colored suitcase is one of the easiest ways to identify your bag when the passenger’s line is deep enough. Don’t replace your dark one with another dark. Don’t think about what others will say in choosing a bold color.

As of today’s customers, you have so many choices to pick a solid color or fun patterned ones. The sky is your limit. You’ve seen some old movies where the hero is running to catch a train carrying a big leather made luggage. You can bring back the tradition again.

Affix An Attractive Or Funny Luggage Tag

If you can’t buy a bold colored suitcase this time, choose a luggage tag which represents you. Online, offline anywhere can be found. If you’re a photoshop expert, you can print design with your details in it. A business card or your photo can also be used. Laminate it or dry print on plastic or fabric.

Funny luggage tags are also eye-catching. A funny message will attract all, and it will not confuse anyone. If it becomes a dialogue that represents you, someone can identify that it’s your luggage.

Colorful and big luggage lock can also work as a luggage tag. It will also serve multiple purposes. Remember, the luggage tag should be colorful and eye-catching.

Cloak A Luggage Belt Around Your Luggage

A colorful belt can serve a dual purpose. A unique luggage strap is not only for recognizing your bag. It also works as an extra protector to your personal belongings. It’s a good friend of overpacking travelers to protect their suitcase from bursting.

A custom-made luggage strap can hold your details by printing on it. Multiple straps of different colors and designs can change the look of your old bag.

Beautify Your Luggage With Stickers

From the Victorian age, people used to travel with giant trunks to carry personal belongings. Those days are gone. But you can make your luggage stylish with different types of stickers. Away stickers, vintage travel stickers, local custom stickers are found online or local stores.

You can add a new sticker from every place you visit and wear them on your luggage. They can be something representing the local customs. After many years of traveling, you’ll find them as souvenirs. 

Attach Decorative Tape

If you’re in a hurry and booked last moment ticket, you can use colorful duct tape or washi tape to make your luggage stand out. For soft-sided bags, the heavy-duty tape will be better to attach on side pockets and handles. And on hard shells, any type of tape will remain attached.

Different tape companies sell different patterns tapes. Sticking different colors and patterns tape on different parts of your luggage can fully change your boring black bag into a special one of its kind.

Tapes can be found in any super shop, hardware, or office store.

Add Colorful Ribbon

The simplest, economical way to make your luggage identified in the crowd is to tie ribbon. You have to be creative in choosing a color and its placement. You can choose multiple colors of ribbons to make as code.

You have to be creative in time of placing them and lashing them. Tying ribbon on the handles or upper zipper could be more eye-catching.

Paint On Your Luggage

Bring out your inner artist and do the job. Painting isn’t just for kids. If your luggage has a hard shell, it’s perfect. Paint your black suitcase. If you’re bad in the painting like me, take some one’s assistance. It’s not impossible that airport security may ask you about your craftmanship.

Use GPS Tracker

If you’re a gadget geek, you already know about it. Nowadays, it’s not enough to see your luggage when it’s with you. It’s important to track it when it’s not with you.

A great facility of the tracker is that it will notify you if it’s with you in the same plane or not by indicating distance and in the crowd. If it goes far from you, you’ll be notified.

These functions will help you to take the necessary step immediately.

Sew A Badge Or Do Anything Creative

It’s a great scope to show your creativity and artistic skills. Your boring suitcase could be the base. If your luggage is soft-sided, it’s suitable for sewing anything on it. You can use fabrics, buttons, fur, etc. Durable fabrics and flairs are recommended.

You can splash some color. Spray paint or acrylic paints can be used for creating a new design. If you’re about to travel in the rainy season, the paint can be washed and faded. Be sure to protect the paint with a glossy sealer to lock your fresh design.

Attach Attractive Handle Grip

Colorful and designed handle grip can be a good way for identification in the airport crowd. They are also comfortable enough. Handle grip can be made of leather, metal, rubber, fabric, etc. Leather or metal made is durable enough and found in different colors.

Buy An Irregular Bag

A weird bag can release all your tension of losing your luggage in the carousel. It is guaranteed that no one will confuse his luggage for your banana or mango shaped bag.

Final Thoughts

Here, in this article, I tried to include every possible way to make a luggage stand out during the time of traveling from my experience. All were found useful in different situations. I hope these will work.

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