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Top 4 Amazing Medical Technology Advances 2024

Many people want to gain knowledge about new latest medical science and technology.If you are in those people’s list then this article should be your lucky charm.I’m going to tell you the best breakthroughs in medical technology advances.Keep in mind for those people who are suffering pain and problems with their health, we chose the top medical technology that you can buy or have their service in 2018. So, let's get started.

1. Artificial Blood :

You can see or hear about many artificial body parts like a prosthetic limb, pacemaker to ear implants, 3d bone printing etc. But the artificial or synthetic blood was a dream of many people until 2017. NHS of England successfully created artificial red blood cells to treat specific conditions and illnesses, like sickle cell anemia.

They made some successful trials with 20 people with a small amount of injecting synthetic blood into them. NHS scientists are really hopeful to create enough blood cells to transfusion people with rarest blood types.

2. Robotic Limbs:

There are many veterans in the US who lost their hand or arm in the war. But there are many companies that working with artificial limbs for the upper extremity. There are many types of prototypes you can find. In the hand section, you can find-

  • Robotic Hand
  • Ultra Limb
  • Robotic hand prosthesis
  • Artificial fingers
  • Living skin

The robotic hand is an industry-leading design of i-limb product range. This isbased on the i-mo technology is created by i-limb quantum incorporate. This is groundbreaking technology that the first upper limb prosthesis can change grips with a simple gesture. This technology offers you to use simple gesture to change grips faster and boost digit speed by up to 30% stronger with 30%more power when needed. Meanwhile, the ultra limited hand is an ultra prosthetic hand design for those people who want more from their prosthesis.Ultra limb look and moves as like a natural hand. Its motorized digits allow the hand to bend the joints. It allows the user to customize the hand and gestures for their daily needs and activities. If anyone loses his/her hand then the robotic hand prosthesis is ready to replace the natural missing hand.This prosthetic hand made from professional using an optimum grade of silicon and innovative technology. With the prosthetic hand, some users choose the living skin to look more natural. It offers some basic function and closely resembles the natural body. Users can choose the skin tone to match the prosthetic limb’s skin color with their body’s skin tone. Actually, this living skin has more important capabilities than it looks. It includes the actions such as pushing, pulling, grasping, typing etc.

3. Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) on medical science:

Yeah.You heard it right. Nowadays artificial intelligence is creating a significant impact on the medical science and technology. Artificial intelligence is not anew concept. It has been researching and developing for ages now. But it is developed enough to make a great impact on people’s daily life. Here are some important things you need to know about what AI can do.

When we get sick we consult with a doctor. We see from our own perspective to the relation to the doctor person to person. But a doctor has to give service hundreds of patient in a day. Well, it is not normal but doctors sometimes do mistakes and that can lose a life. But with associate with AI system, doctor scan have a clear vision to the problems and AI can help the doctors to choose the right medicine for the patient. That will reduce the death number of wrong treatment. Some people suffer single or multiple complex diseases that they won't have much time but doctors can’t define the problems to start diagnosis.In that case, AI can be very helpful. They are able to accurately diagnosis some disease like cancer, tumor, eye problems etc. If you are thinking that AI will cost more than average doctor, then you are probably right. Now, this technology is costly but its development and availability are increasing and +over time will decrease the average medical cost.

4.Gene Therapy:

Gene therapy is a higher level of therapy that you can find in the normal hospitals.It is designed to serve genetics material into cells compensate for abnormal genes to make beneficial proteins. As an example, if a proper gene causes an important protein to be missing or incomplete, gene therapy may be able to serve a normal copy of the gene for restore the function of the protein. It is an important creation and it levels up the medical technology advances.

Actually, the definition of gene therapy might be a difficult definition, but let's keep this as simple as possible. A gene doesn't work if it inserted or modified directly. There is a thing called vector.Usually, engineers are using some virus as a vector. Because they can deliver the new gene by infecting the cell. While the vectors are injecting into the cells, the virus as called vector will be modified. Their genes are modified,and because of that, they will do a specific controlled task that they are meant to be instead of causing harm.

The vectors can be injected directly but IV into a specific tissue or cells in the body. For now, this therapy is available for some specific medical circumstances but it is still underdeveloped.

Those are the top medical technologies that available for use. Some of them are products that you can buy right now, and some of them are services that you can have right now. But by the time there will be more advanced and more useful products for you.

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