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Best Induction Cooktop Review and Buying Guide Updated 2024

Since our ancestors invented fire, mankind uses fire to cook food. In primitive ages they used stone or mud made stove to cook food. By the evolution of time like everything the stove is changed dramatically. Stove used fossil fuel like natural gas or petroleum oil is still popular, but it will be replaced by the induction cooktop or induction stove. Because fossil fuel increases the proportion of CFC gas in the atmosphere. So there is an increased pressure to reduce the use of fossil fuel from environmentalist & concern citizen of the world. But what will be the alternate source of power than? Electricity! The use of electricity as a major power source could reduce the proportion of CFC gas significantly.why do we tell you this? Because we want you to choose the future of energy so that your child can have a better world to live on. This is the environment-friendly cause of using electric induction cooktop. On the other hand induction cooktop work without any flame. so you & your family stay safe from burn-related injuries caused by traditional fossil fuel based stoves. These induction cooktops have some modern features which give you more comfortable cooking experience. There is literally hundreds of induction cooktop available so you’ll easily get confused by the varieties of models. Here is we come to help you. We’ve reviewed some best induction cooktop for your smart kitchen. Here is 5 best induction cooktop.

Comparison Table Of Best Induction Cooktop :-

Top 5 Best Induction Cooktop :-

1. Electrolux 36” stainless steel

If your kitchen keeps busy round the clock you’ll need this induction cooktop. It’s big & it’s efficient. Stainless steel body provides more durability. It also very easy to clean. Just switch off the machine & clean it with a rug.


  • Boil water in 90 seconds
  • Professional temperature control.
  • Cooktop stays cooler even after use.
  • Provides superior flexibility in cooking.


  • NO parts replacement available.

2. GE Profile PHP9030SJSS, 30”

Modern kitchen needs to be compact. To bring compactness to your kitchen, you should install this induction cooktop. Sleek design makes it more convenient & compact. You can also install the cooktop over the single-build oven.


  • Touch screen control.
  • Elegant design.
  • Stainless steel body.


  • Only installed in the CERTAIN oven.

3. K&H Double cooktop, 220V

Lightweight cooktops are easy to move if needed. This cooktop is very lightweight, weighing only 10.7 pounds. German technology makes it more durable & efficient.


  • 17 power level gives you wides range of flexibility.
  • Build-in standing.
  • Smart design.


  • Only magnetic bottom cookware will be compatible with this cooktop.

4. Kenyon B41601-6-1/2 Inch Caribbean

Easy operation & elegant design make this cooktop as one of the best cooktops available. Smooth black glass design provides durability. Dual burner save your time & make you work faster.


  • Duel burner.
  • Glass body outline.
  • Easy to clean


  • Analog control.

5. Fagor IFA80BF 30-inch cooktop

Sleek glass design makes this induction cooktop more convenient. To provide you more flexibility this cooktop has 12 different cooking moods. You can select low, medium or high temperature with a single touch.


  • 4 cooking zones.
  • 7 point safety system.
  • Extremely durable eurokera ceramic glass.


  • Heavyweight cooktop.

Final verdict:- 

After a detailed research, we made this review for you to help you find the best induction cooktop from hundreds of models. But the final decision is yours, you choose from the models which suit your kitchen most. If this review helps you to find best induction cooktop for your kitchen, our affords will not go in vain.


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