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Mandolines are used to slice fruits or vegetables. Its an essential appliance in a kitchen because an expert cooker needs to slice different ingredients for cooking various food or simply make a vegetable salad. The mandolin is not just a slicer. It’s an important kitchen piece. There have to be some qualities to be the perfect mandoline. The qualities a mandoline should have is easy cleanup if you can’t clean your mandoline after every use it’ll rust & left useless. Second most important quality is adjustable height, different food needs different height in mandoline. Easily adjustable height makes it more useful. The other quality is comfortable hand safety grip which holds the food still while slicing as well as save your hand. You are using a mandoline slicer to get various sizes, aren’t you? Different thickness is one of the qualities of mandoline. Different thickness is needed for different foods. So what is the point to tell this long story to you? Yes! You’re right. The objective is to shed light on the qualities a mandoline must have & to help you find a perfect mandoline for your kitchen. There are literally hundreds of mandoline models out there. Which is enough to overwhelm you when you want to pick one up for yourself. We’ve reviewed some best mandolins slicer for your kitchen. Hopefully this review help you to find what you’re looking for.

Comparison Table Of Best Mandoline Slicer :-

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Adjustable Mandoline Slicer - 5 Blades

Progressive International, White PL8 Mandoline Slicer

OXO Steel Chef's Mandoline Slicer, Silver

Top 5 Best Mandoline Slicer :-

1. HomeNative Adjustable Mandoline, 5-Blades

Often face a problem while using a slicer! The slices are running like a cheetah when comes out from the slicer. HomeNative slicer has a built-in container. Now problem free slicing is easy & safe.


  • 5 stainless steel blade.
  • Anti-slip base.
  • Soft safety grip.
  • Easy clean-up.
  • Cons

  • More spacious than another slicer with the same feature.
  • 2. Progressive International PL8, White

    Do your kids love French fries? But the problem is your slicer can’t cut the potatoes into French fries! Don’t worry. This slicer has a thickness that can help you to make French fries. Von appetite!


  • 4 adjustable slicing thickness.
  • Stainless steel slicing deck.
  • Folding anti-skid base.
  • Blade adjustment knob provides seamless adjustment.

  • Cons

  • No built-in holding container included.
  • 3. OXO Steel Chef’s Mandoline Slicer

    To make a waffle, first, you have to slice the fruits. But a mandoline without waffle slice can’t do the job. So you’re stranded in a no waffle zone! But this will never happen from now. This slicer has a waffle slice to help you make a delicious waffle.



    • Straight blades easily cut through fruits or vegetables.
    • Serrated blade helps to slice soft food like tomatoes etc.
    • Easy turn dial for selecting thickness.
    • Only a few slicing options available with this slicer.

    4. Borner Swissmar v-1001

    v-shape is more efficient when it comes slicing. Because v-shape can put more pressure than any other shape. It slices the food easily. This V-shaped slicer can add some speed to your kitchen.



    • Surgical grade stainless steel blade.
    • Food safety holder provides complete protection.
    • Garman technology.
    • Blades are not interchangeable.

    5. Bron Couke Original

    Small kitchen needs a compact appliance to save storage space. This slicer is sleek & compact. It can be folded while unused to save space. Also, have comes with 3 different blades.



    • Safety handguards.
    • Fold flat for storage.
    • Classic french design.
    • NOT suitable for the fruits contains citric acid as citric acid damaged the stainless steel.

    Final verdict:- 

    This review is not the end of the world. We just trying to help you find a perfect mandoline slicer for your kitchen. But your choice is final because you will use it, we won’t. If this review helps you, we’ll be very happy.


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