How to Use Curling Irons Easily and Quick (Updated 2024)

If you are not gifted with naturally curly hair, you have probably spent hours in front of your mirror trying to achieve the perfect voluminous waves of your dreams. And certainly, your sidekick assistant was the one and only, curling iron. You will probably agree that curling irons are invention straight out from heaven, but they don't cooperate always and can be tricky to use. You can use them to create all kinds of looks: tight of formal curls, thin or thick spirals, bold or natural waves. But, if you want to reach that on point look, it requires time and practice for gaining skills. So, here are some basic guidelines for all you beginners.

Choosing the right curling irons :-

There are three types of curling irons: ceramic, tourmaline and titanium. The ceramic and tourmaline ones are used more often, because they disperse the heat more evenly through your hair, and they won't damage her so much because they release negative ions which close the cuticle. The titanium ones are better conductors of heat, but they actually won't protect your hair from the negative influence of heat.Also, the essential fact is the barrel size of the curling iron. With different sized barrels you can achieve various looks: beach waves and loose curls, or tiny afro curls - it all depends on you.

The actual process of curling your hair :-

Use Curling Irons

The heat setting is determined by your hair type. If your hair is thin and weak, you should avoid high temperatures, because you can easily burn your hair. So, you should probably set the iron temperature to 200 degrees or lower. But, on the contrary, if you have thick and frizzy hair, which requires high temperatures, you should set the temperature between 200 and 300 degrees.Whatever your hair type is, you should never go above 400 degrees, because it can permanently damage your hair.

You can use different types of curling styles:

  • curl your hair while it's in a high ponytail
  • this way you'll get quick waves with zero effort
  • in order to get natural curls, you should wrap the hair away from your face
  • while the curls are hot, you can clip them in coils with bobby pins on the top of your head for few minutes
  •  you will achieve full and voluminous locks

As well, professionals recommend using special products, so you can protect your hair from constant heating. In order to protect your curling iron, you should constantly clean it. This way, you will get rid of built-up products such as mousse and hair spray. You can clean your curling iron by heating it warm, and rub it with the wet cloth. Curling irons must never be cooled down with water because that way the springs can be damaged. With proper use and maintenance of your curling buddy, there is no hairstyle you won't be able to make!

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