How to apply mascara

How to Apply Mascara for Beginners (Updated 2024)

Having long, perfectly groomed eyelashes has been every woman’s goal since the dawn of make-up and mascara--especially after the boom of the fashion industry and beauty modeling. Blooming eyelashes stress the feminine features of the body, adding a final touch to the looks of every model in the fashion industry. Although the best mascara and professional stylist often get the credits, most of these eyelashes are fake--adorning eyes in the right way tends to be very difficult for those without much experience. But, worry not! This guide will help you with expert advice on how to apply mascara for beginners.

How to Apply Mascara (Guide)

How to Apply Mascara

Before we even start, you must determine the right mascara for your eyes. Curl, volume, and length are considered to be the most important criteria for choosing the right one. Avoid testing mascara in retail stores due to hygiene concerns! It’s best if the trial is conducted with clean wands and newly-open make up.

1) Use black and brown mascara for proved looks, and colored ones just when you’re feeling experimental and want to enhance the drama!

The second rule is to do your mascara last. This way you’ll ensure the right amount of mascara is being put on, and lower the chances of smudging.

2) If the smudges do happen, wait for the mascara to dry out before cleaning. Doing it immediately now is going to make your eyes a nightmare!

How to apply mascara

Do your mascara in layers, and alternate between the eyes after every couple of coats--You’ll prevent eyelashes stuck together, and blobs of excess mascara on your face. Three swipes inwards, three swipes outwards tends to be the rule of applying mascara, after which you put the final touch by going over each eyelash with your wand in a vertical position.

The bottom lashes are not to be skipped!

Gently roll them over with one stroke of your wand for a natural appearance.


- Try to avoid wearing waterproof mascara often. The chemicals in those damage your eyelashes and are extremely difficult to remove. Excessive use may even lead to balding!

- Using eyelash primer prolongs the time your mascara stays on and decreases the chance of creating smudges. Think about putting some on before special occasions!

- Remove your mascara before going to sleep in order to prevent the damage (or even falling out of your eyelashes!)

Final Word

And the mystery of how to apply mascara for beginners has finally been solved. It’s not in the best mascara in the market or professional stylists. Fear not putting your make-up by yourself no longer--as these tips will get you from novice to expert in no time.

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