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How To Use a Heating Pad For Those Stubborn Pains

If you've ever had the displeasure of feeling joint pain, stomach cramps, or muscle spasms, then you know that finding the most efficient and quick remedy is paramount.For many people, a heating pad does the trick. It provides heat directly to the source of pain without the negatives of a sticky or pungent cream. According to Painscience.com, thermotherapy is one of the more useful tactics to easing the pain because muscle pain responds well to heat.

Pains such as muscle knots or spasms are well soothed with a heat source, and what better way to relieve the pain than with the convenient heating pad?It is not a miracle worker. It will not instantly make your pain disappear. However, it will provide you with a relaxed and calm sense of being while temporarily relieving debilitating pain.Heat is typically for treating non-inflammatory pain. Things such as stiffness, soreness, and cramping all fall under the category of non-inflammatory pain. Heat is also a beneficial tool for people who suffer from ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐fibromyalgia, a rheumatoid disease, sleep deprivation, and a host of other ailments.

There are some things you do not want to use heat for. Painscience.com warns that using heat for injuries such as arthritis, an infection, or a fresh injury will only have bad consequences. These are better suited to ice. You also do not want to use heat for muscle strains because of the ambiguity of the injury.

Many of our pains are triggered by stress, and these points can cause a great deal of pain (even furthering our stress!). Heat has been shown to be a positive remedy for these trigger points due to the soothing nature of heat.Stress can also have a negative effect on our muscles, which may then cause them to spasm. As you can see, stress plays a large role in a lot of the pain we experience. Thankfully, heating pads can help ease that pain.Possibly the best thing about the heating pad is the convenience and frugality of the product. You are not forced to get a prescription or spend a ton of money. It is as simple as going to your nearest drugstore and purchasing one.

However, if you're looking for a top-notch heating pad, check out Thermophore's website. They have many different products that can suit any needs you have (including a bed warmer and a microwaveable heat pack).Once you have your heating pad, you're on your way to soothed muscles and cramps.

To start, be sure that you buy a brand new heating pad. Buying used may leave you in a bind where the heating pad is dysfunctional.Temperature is by far the most important application of the heating pad. Many people believe that the hotter the heating pad, the better. It makes sense, right?However, spine-health.com warns that turning up the temperature can resort to burning your skin. When using your heat pad, shoot for a warm temperature rather than a hot one. Your skin and muscles will thank you. The goal is for the heat to target your muscles, and turning up the heat will only raise the temperature of your skin.

If you have an injury that is on your stomach, it is best if you lay flat on your back with the heating pad draped over your abdomen. Sitting up will ensure that the muscles aren't penetrated. The same goes for back pain. If you're laying flat, the heating pad covers a larger surface area and is less likely to move around or miss the trigger point.If you have your full body weight applied to the heating pad, you have a greater risk of burns. It is always best to have the heating pad on you and not the other way around.The length of time also plays a large role in the benefits of using a heating pad. If you have a minor injury, Spine-Health suggests 15 to 20 minutes of heat. For more magnified injuries, using the heating pad for a longer period of time will prove to be more beneficial (from 30 minutes to an hour or longer).

When it comes to the heating pad

Heating Pad

The longer the session, the better.Now, if you end up using the heating pad for a longer session, do not fall asleep. Falling asleep while using the heating pad can be dangerous for your skin. Exposure for that long without your consciousness monitoring the warmth can cause first- to second-degree burns.

For some, a heating pad with a timer is the best way to avoid burns on the skin. This assures that even if you do fall asleep, the heating pad will turn itself off before any harm can come your way.Another tip is to invest in a heating pad that is moisture-proof. This gives you the added bonus of a damp heat that may penetrate the muscles more deeply.

Buying a heating pad can be a great investment. It can be a quick go-to when you have muscle cramps that won't quit. Be sure to follow these tips in order to provide your pain with the most beneficial and safe remedy.

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