Best Baby Formulas Review And Buying Guide Updated 2024

Babies are most delicate among human species. Babies need more attention than adults. Newborn or 6 months old, babies need breast milk. In fact, breast milk is the only food they can have within a certain time period. The breast milk is complete food package for babies. It contains most of the nutritional element good for the baby. The baby doesn't have to take any other food if breast milk is provided. But sometimes breast milk can’t provide because of illness of the mother or after cesarean anemia of the mother. But the baby can’t leave unattended. It has to provide nutritious food because that period is critical for a baby. Now! The question is, does it safe to give a baby something artificial? The answer is Yes! Because the existed baby formulas are tested & approved by FDA. But when you want to pick a baby formula for your baby, you’ll be overwhelmed by the varieties & numbers of the product. There are many baby formulas available. Some contain Omega-3 & Omega-6, while some don’t. Some made to mimic breast milk, while some are just baby supplement. So in this mass how could you find the best baby formula for your baby? Don’t worry! Here we reviewed some best baby formulas for you so that you don’t have to suffer to find the best one.

Comparison Table of Best Baby Formulas :-

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Top 5 Best Baby Formulas :-

​1. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Power

Baby’s digestion system is not like us. It needs something easy to digest. This organic infant powder is close to breast milk. No corn syrup solids added, so its harmless to baby. This also contains Omega-3 DHA & Omega-6 ARA which support brain & eye development.



  • Easy-to-digest organic formula.
  • Lactose based milk formulation.
  • Contains fructooligosaccharides for immunity.
  • NOT suitable for the older than 12 months.

2. Enfamil Infant Formula, 6-count

Making baby’s food needs much attention. Enfamil infant formula available in convenient ready-to-use packs to save your time. Whether you’re at home or on the go, it won’t let you compromise on your baby’s nutrition. It's also one of the best baby formula.



  • Unique triple health guard formula.
  • Contains twice as much as Omega-3 DHA.
  • Ready-to-go packs are not suitable for all babies.

3. Gerber Good Start

Little tummies need something little to digest. This baby formula contains small proteins that are easy to digest. It also good for eye development.



  • Contains prebiotics & probiotics.
  • Close to breast milk.
  • Too BIG container.

4. Similac Pro-advance

All babies are not the same. Some need babies are extra sensitive & need cautious care. This baby formula is made to meet the special requirement of extra sensitive babies.



  • First & the only formula with 2’-FL HMO (Not from human milk).
  • Good for eye, brain & growth development.
  • Some babies can’t digest HMO substance.

5. Plum Organics Grow Well

Organic food is good for our health. Organic milk is from cows that are fed organic grain & hay. Organic milk based baby formula is healthy. Its helps baby’s immunity properly.



  • Used cow’s milk lactose only.
  • Milk from cow’s that are not treated with rBST
  • NOT close to breast milk.

Final Verdict:- 

We reviewed all these to keep your baby healthy & safe. Although we consider all the materials related to the Best baby formulas like nutrition support, immunity support, the presence of DHA & ARA etc. But it's not enough to grow a healthy baby. The baby needs your attention, your warmth & your caring. As a parent, you should provide this to your baby. We hope your baby may grow healthy & bright. Happy parenting!

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