What Does Tourniquet Mean and How to Make IT

You might have heard the term ‘tourniquet’. Generally speaking, many of us actually don’t know what is the tourniquet, how to make a tourniquet and several benefits that are associated with it. Today, this article will give one each & every single detail about tourniquet and the benefit’s associated with it.

What does tourniquet mean?

A tourniquet is nothing but a device which helps in compression or compressing certain body parts for preventing the flow of blood through various nerves within our aerial and other parts for a defined amount of time. In medical surgeries or operations, a tourniquet is basically used for clogging the flow of blood from arterial nerves and veins of one’s body. This is especially done for preventing the further loss of blood which may occur during an operation. A tourniquet is also used for an injured person as an emergency aid to help prevent loss of blood flow. So, how does this tourniquet came into existence?

Well, if one looks back down in 1700’s then tourniquet originated from ‘Alexander the great’ military reigns. Back in those ancient times tourniquet was used as an emergency medic treatment for militaries & armies to prevent blood loss and blood flow from the arm bodies. This simple treatment saved lives of many armies as a result of blood flow prevention from the injured bodies of the armies. Back in those days, a tourniquet is made from brass straps with a leather holder for comfort. Later it was developed to make it better in the medical field. In 1718, a French surgeon named as Jean Petit developed a screw as the base in the tourniquet for controlling the blood flow. It was then become very useful in the medical field as it allowed controlling the blood flow during surgeries and operations. As a result, doctors and surgeons can now control the perfect quantity of blood flow during an operation.

In 1873, Friedrich von Esmarch re-developed the tourniquet version & attached a rubber strap with it. This made it very much flexible and thereafter, a lot of peoples is being able to use this as a bandage to prevent blood loss. But there are lots of complications associated with a tourniquet. An approximate blood flow rate is still unknown to common peoples, therefore; common peoples still face problems in clogging their blood flow from their own guess. Too many restrictions on blood flow might lead to health complications

Whereas, too fewer restrictions might create a potential risk for the patient. Other complications and health injuries are related if someone uses the tourniquet in a wrong way; it might then cause health complications such as rough nerve injury caused due to pressure, post-tourniquet syndrome due to abnormal tourniquet placing, intraoperative bleeding due to excessive pressure, compartment pressure syndrome due to improper screw tightening, abnormal pressure sores and mild chemical burns, neuron related digital necrosis, some toxic reactions inside veins, thrombosis and other complications such as nerve pain, tissue damage, mild hyperthermia, and some metabolic changes as well.

How to make a tourniquet?

When this question strikes the mind that says “how to make a tourniquet”, this answer might give you a proper answer to your entire question. As a tourniquet, you can also use one to two inches wide any pliable material so that a windlass can be inserted so as to use them to stop the bleeding. Studies and research have shown that using a carabiner along with a key ring a and triangular bandages. The carabiner and key ring make sure that the windings are secured. Do not use a shoelace, zip ties or paracord as a tourniquet material. Apart from these a ripped T-shirt can serve you as a better option.

How to make a tourniquet with the belt?

Well, you can easily make a tourniquet with the aid of a belt. But before moving over that let us see how many actual types of the tourniquet are present there on the market today. Actually, there are 3 types of tourniquet

1. Rehabilitation tourniquets,

2. Surgical tourniquets,

3. Emergency tourniquets.

Now coming over to surgical tourniquets; these are used by orthopedic surgeons to prevent blood flow into the limb during an operation. It helps the doctors & surgeons to carry out their operations with minimal blood loss. Then comes the emergency tourniquets; these are used only by military and armies. When someone is hit by a bullet then this emergency tourniquets are used which prevents no blood flow at all. Emergency tourniquets have already proved in saving the lives of thousands.

Now, the last one is rehabilitation tourniquets; it is used by normal fitness experts and fitness lovers or sports person to use during intense workouts. This helps in proper blood flow balance during an intense workout session. Now, coming back on how you can make a tourniquet; one can simply make it by tight rubber straps and a tight screw. The screw will help in compression and the straps will help in compression retention.

Where To Buy Tourniquets?

Every conscious person should keep a tourniquet as a first aid item to stop flow blood. If you want to buy a tourniquet you have to know about where to buy tourniquets. You look for any shopping area where has large medicine store. You also can buy it in online. You will get it any online shopping sites of your choice and you can order it from there. You can just check on eBay and Amazon, you will get the huge collection in there.

Final Words

Now you know details about what does mean tourniquets and how to make a tourniquet. So if you need, you can easily make a tourniquet to stop bleeding during periods.

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