How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Naturally (Updated 2024)

Dark spots appear in distinct types, namely: melasma, lentigines, and the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation abbreviated as (PIH).

Causes of dark spots :

Melasma usually occurs during pregnancy and are caused by fluctuations in hormones. Lentigines occur as a result of long hours of sun exposure (UV rays) and finally, the PIH which are the common ones are caused by trauma to the skin, acne as well as some products that happen to be very hard on the user’s skin. How do we get rid of all these?

Make natural moisturizer your all time friend

What a moisturizer does, it helps strengthen your skin since these dark spots are caused by the dermis being weak. Natural moisturizers are free of chemicals that actually may be harmful to your face. Moisturizers that have ingredients such as Extrapone Nutgrass are the best. This(extrapone nutgrass) helps in making sure that your face does not dry up. It also lightens those dark spots more safely.

Apply a sun block every time you wish to go outdoors

sun block

Use of a sun block with considerable levels of SPF helps in blocking excess UV rays. These UV rays from the sun are not good to the skin and over exposure to the sun damages the dermis.

Use of a mild scrub

Try scrubbing your face at least twice a week, this procedure helps get rid of the dead skin cells. Scrubbing your face makes it easy for the skin to take in any facial products, that is; to penetrate. Another important procedure is that of exfoliation. This aid in shedding off the blemishes.

Use bleaching ointments

bleaching ointments

Here use products such as Mela derm.Meladerm, in particular, has natural constituents such as licorice extracts that are essential in curing dark spots and acne as well.

Use vitamin E

vitamin E

This vitamin repairs damaged facial skin cells and help renew others as well as strengthening them. Moreover, vitamin E oil can also be applied directly on the affected area that is the dark spots. With time these spots tend to fade. Also eats foods rich in vitamin E. These include nuts, sunflower seeds among others.

Regularly, rub your face with citrus.

How do you do this?

Squeeze lemon juice and mix it with honey, to make a face mask. Take the mixture and apply on your face. Allow it to rest on your face for about thirty minutes and later rinse your face.

Finally, drink lots and lots of water. Water helps prevent dark spots among other skin related problems. It also helps in hydrating the body.


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